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Nightclub Equipment Auctions Are Perfect for Capitalizing on Hispanic Trend

Posted June 6th, 2014 in News & Events, Nightclub Equipment Auction

Have you taken a look at the April 2014 issue of Nightclub & Bar magazine yet? If not, you might be delighted to learn that industry experts are predicting Hispanic consumers will help the industry achieve record-breaking profits in the years to come. Here’s what that could mean for South Florida businesses:

First, it’s important to note what a January 2014 FOX News article already pointed out; Latinos are flocking to Florida in droves. So it is safe to assume that if the migration continues, South Florida’s nightclubs could be among the first in the nation to reap the rewards mentioned in top beverage industry periodicals.

Second, we expect that those ringing cash registers will spur business creation, job growth and an increased interest in nightclub equipment auctions. That’s because prospective nightclub owners will undoubtedly be looking to get up and running as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Buying essentials through trusted, premier nightclub equipment auctions like ours will help those rushing to market accomplish just that.

At Lauro Auctioneers, our bilingual auction experts can help nightclub owner hopefuls find the perfect piece of South Florida real estate and the nightclub equipment needed to get their Latin-themed establishments’ profits Mucara walking all the way to the bank. With our cash buyouts and consignment program, we can also help nightclub owners looking to do complete tear outs and retrofits too.

At this point, there is a long list of nightclub equipment and bar supplies that are expected to be smoking hot in the years to come. Among them are vaporized spirit systems, social media connected POS systems, Mexican beers on tap, celebrity DJs, live stream events and frozen, glow-in-the-dark shot sticks that double as takeaways.

To find out which hot items will be available at our next nightclub equipment auction in South Florida, please sign up for the Lauro Auctioneers’ newsletter and contact us today. Our nightclub equipment auction team in South Florida may also be reached by calling (888) 917-SELL toll-free.

Finding Items That Fit Your Concept at Nightclub Equipment Auctions

Posted December 20th, 2013 in News & Events, Nightclub Equipment Auction

You may think that the idea of buying used equipment is just not in line with setting up a hot new nightclub.  Nightclubs, after all, are trendy places where people go to find something new and unusual.  More than restaurants, nightclubs are sold by concept.  They become popular because of their ambience and music as well as the crowd that frequents them.

Equipment Needed at Nightclubs

Even though nightclubs market themselves as new and unusual, they still need certain basic pieces of equipment such as bar tops, bar stools, furniture, freezers, coolers and ice machines.  If the nightclub is also going to be serving food, more behind-the-scenes equipment will be necessary, including stoves, ovens, fryers etc.

Finding Items That Fit In with Your Concept

It’s possible that if you have something very specific in mind when it comes to the ambience of your nightclub, you may not find exactly what you need at a nightclub equipment auction.  However, if you were to frequent restaurant, bar and nightclub equipment auctions on a regular basis over a period of a few months, it’s quite likely that you would find many of the things you need.

Kitchen Equipment for Your Nightclub

Kitchen equipment is generally common to both, restaurants and nightclubs.  At a nightclub, you may not need as much of it as you do in a restaurant.  But if you’re planning on serving food, then a certain amount of kitchen equipment will be necessary.

Furnishing Your Nightclub with Used Furniture

Plus, if you look around a little bit, it’s quite possible that you’ll find a deal on furniture, either from a restaurant or another nightclub.  This can include bar tops, bar stools, comfy chairs, coffee tables etc.

It’s even possible that you might find something that you didn’t actually think you needed but that you just fell in love with, like a granite bar counter.  Once you find a showstopper like this, you can even plan the décor of your nightclub around it.  It may not be the concept you initially had in mind, but it might turn out to be even better.

In this way, if you keep an open mind, you can still set up the hottest nightclub in your city or neighborhood and save a bundle by buying what you need at used restaurant and nightclub equipment auctions.  Contact us to get started on setting up the kind of place you always dreamed of owning.

Looking for Equipment?

Lauro Auctioneers sells businesses and assets in bulk either by negotiated sales or by public auction. Our inventory on hand is constantly changing. If you are looking for a particular piece of equipment, please let us know. We may have it on hand even if you don't find it listed on our website

Nightclub equipment auction – Renovate your club for cheap!

Posted August 16th, 2013 in News & Events, Nightclub Equipment Auction

Looking to renovate your nightclub, but afraid of the cost of new equipment and décor?  Consider purchasing equipment or the entire contents of a closed nightclub through Lauro Auctioneers.

If you own or have recently purchased a nightclub that has not been renovated within recent years your business could be suffering.  The nightclub business is greatly affected by trends with crowds flowing to the club that is popular at the moment.  Many clubs fail to sustain business year after year unless they continually adapt to the newest trends.  Staying up with the latest trends often means more than offering the new drinks or hiring a new DJ.  Club owners often have to purchase new equipment and club décor.  Common items that can make a major transformation to your nightclub are:

  • Updated POS system
  • Bar and serving stations
  • New trendy glassware
  • Larger and more energy efficient beverage coolers
  • Lounge seating and bar stools
  • Signage and wall décor

Lauro Auctioneers operates in South Florida which is home to hundreds of nightclubs all vying to be the hippest club.  This competition leads to many nightclub failures and auctions of their equipment.  Nightclub owners from around the world can take advantage of this and purchase the latest trendy equipment and décor at a fraction of the cost of new.   They continually have nightclub equipment auctions with varying themes and décor where buyers can buy piece-by-piece or to simply buy the entire inventory of equipment.

Lauro Auctioneers is a full-service professionally licensed auction company located in South Florida providing outstanding results for our clients for over 20 years.  If you are interested in nightclub equipment please contact us for a list of current items for sale and upcoming auctions.

Looking for Equipment?

Lauro Auctioneers sells businesses and assets in bulk either by negotiated sales or by public auction. Our inventory on hand is constantly changing. If you are looking for a particular piece of equipment, please let us know. We may have it on hand even if you don't find it listed on our website

Create the Perfect Ambience: Buy All You Need at a Nightclub Equipment Auction

Posted February 1st, 2013 in News & Events, Nightclub Equipment Auction

Nightclub Equipment Auction

Opening a nightclub can be expensive.  According to PowerHomeBiz, you can expect to spend anywhere between $240,000 and $837,000, depending on the location of the nightclub.  The cost is lower if you buy a space that used to house a club and if you’re located in a small or medium-sized city.  It’s higher if you’re starting from scratch and you’re in a big city.  Given that you’ll already be spending quite a bit on rent and upgrades like air-conditioning, why not save as much as you can on nightclub equipment?

You’ll need a booth for your DJ, special lighting, a great sound system and a bar.  Plus, there’s also the little matter of redecoration.  You can never overemphasize the importance of décor when it comes to nightclubs.  At a restaurant, you may be able to get away with old furnishings and mismatched tables and chairs if your food is great.  However, when it comes to nightclubs, ambience is everything.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to put together a great nightclub.  You can buy everything you need at a nightclub equipment auction and save yourself a lot of money.  At Lauro Auctioneers, you can find sophisticated lighting systems, sound systems, bar equipment, furniture and artwork all at one go.  Not only are you saving on the equipment itself, you’re also saving on delivery costs.

Keep in mind that nightclubs see a lot of wear and tear, especially if they’re dance clubs meant to attract younger people.  You could buy everything new—from bar stools to LED lights—but you’ll find that it’s impossible to maintain that brand spanking new look for long.  Contact us to buy gently used equipment and furniture at auction and you’ll find many of the things you need in one place.  Now, take the money that you just saved and go get yourself the best DJ in your city!

Looking for Equipment?

Lauro Auctioneers sells businesses and assets in bulk either by negotiated sales or by public auction. Our inventory on hand is constantly changing. If you are looking for a particular piece of equipment, please let us know. We may have it on hand even if you don't find it listed on our website

Nightclub Equipment Auction in South FL Offers Opportunity

South Florida Nightclub Equipment AuctionThe international audience for our nightclub equipment auctions is expanding. After all, we do business in south Florida, one of the great meccas for nightlife in the entire country. Nightclubs are among the most trendy of all businesses. Hotspots re-invent themselves on a regular basis. And some just don’t survive in a hyper-competitive market.

As a result, Lauro Auctioneers is proud to bring prospective buyers, from both the U.S. and beyond, nightclub equipment auctions that often include both little-used and/or fantastically stylish lots.

One might expect to find one type of furnishings from the Salsa scene of South Beach. However, the types of clubs across South Florida are highly divergent. Rock, hip hop, surfer, and 80s-themed clubs require the assistance of auctioneers as well, as themes change or as expansions occur. Perhaps your resort in the Caribbean is openin g a new nightclub. Or, you’re busy with a major renovation in Rio prior to the 2016 Olympics.

Maybe you are in need of fine quality stainless kitchen equipment for your business right here in south Florida. Wherever you are, or whatever your need, watch for our next nightclub equipment auction; you’ll be pleased that you did.

Nightclub Equipment Auction Opportunities

The original investment in Miami Beach and other Florida nightclubs is often substantial, given the market potential in the area. As a result, we often are pleased to bring to auction some of the highest quality  furnishings, kitchen equipment, and bar fixtures, many times from very hi-end establishments.

Lou Lauro and his sons have been proudly serving south Florida now for over two decades. Lauro Auctioneers has developed a reputation for integrity and honesty in a profession that demands both. In addition to auctions of nightclub equipment, we handle auctions of both new & used restaurant equipment, hi-end estates, yachts, classic cars, and much more. Contact us for information on current and upcoming auctions that might offer you the perfect opportunity to acquire quality equipment and furnishings at substantial savings.

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