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Struggling to Find Commercial Kitchen Equipment in Time for the Holidays?

Posted October 12th, 2015 in News & Events

Are you having an incredibly difficult time finding working, commercial kitchen equipment that’s in your price range and big enough to handle the anticipated, holiday rush? Have you tried attending live, on-site auctions yet? If not, this month and the next may be the most propitious points in time to start attending them in South Florida.

Commercial kitchen equipment of all kinds goes up for sale each month throughout Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach and other locales. However, the end of year is traditionally a good time for motivated people because a lot of Florida establishments choose to upgrade their equipment and use auctions to get rid of their cast-offs.

Also, cast-off items are often sent to 25k square foot showrooms and posted on e-commerce stores as well. Thus, commercial kitchen equipment is available for those that may feel they don’t have the time to issue a bid before a particular event. Remember though, there are a multitude of time-saving, convenient bid options open to local, long distance, domestic and international buyers.

Therefore, it is rare that people actually find themselves pressed for time in that department. Generous delivery, shipping and pickup alternatives are available to commercial kitchen equipment buyers too. And those alternatives may or may not include ancillary services, like installation and set-up. Buyers preparing for the holidays, in particular, frequently love taking advantage of the latter two.

To learn more about commercial kitchen equipment going up for auction or already in our online showroom, please contact us. Our multilingual staff is available to assist potential buyers with all critical facets of acquisition, including financing and proxy bidding. They may also be of help with the post-sale tasks mentioned earlier, depending on the commercial kitchen equipment’s condition as well as the buyer’s location.

Have Patience to Enjoy Benefits of Buying Food Service Equipment from Auctions

Posted October 1st, 2015 in News & Events

When you want to open up a business in the food industry, one of your main priorities should be providing incredible tasting food to your customers. It is reasonable prices, a positive atmosphere, and great food that will turn new customers into returning customers, and these customers will likely bring their family and friends.

After saving up enough funds to start the operation, you should consider buyingfood service equipment from auctions as it presents you with an opportunity to enjoy a number of worthwhile benefits.

Get Newer Equipment in Great Condition

Buying brand-new models may not be in your budget, but it does not mean you have to save up more money. Auctions are ideal for finding recent models of kitchen equipment at budget-friendly prices. Sometimes, you can get lucky and find all of the equipment that you need from a similar business that is closing down.

Buy Equipment with the Right Features

New businesses have budgets that they need to follow, which can prevent you from getting equipment with certain high-end features or quality. However, you can generally afford this type of equipment when you buy it from an auction. Higher quality equipment often leads to better tasting food for your customers.

Pay a Price that is Inside Your Budget

Spending less money to get your business started gives you more room for error in the future. In the beginning, you may have to cover losses until your total customer sales start to climb into profitable margins.

Contact us if you have questions about our auctions or want to learn about our current stock.

Are You Hoping to Lease Used Restaurant Equipment in Fort Lauderdale?

Posted September 17th, 2015 in News & Events

At one time, people waited to buy used restaurant equipment in Fort Lauderdale until auction time. Now, there are other options thanks to Lauro Restaurant Equipment online. They can lease as well as purchase all of the commercial items needed to run a kitchen from the comfort of their offices, homes and mobile devices. Plus, they can easily arrange for delivery, certified hook-up and service of any gas or electric appliance purchased through us.

Leasing used restaurant equipment in Fort Lauderdale is exceptionally favored among pop-up specialists and seasonal caterers for three reasons. They’re the brand names on offer, convenience and monthly prices. For example, mobile pan proofing cabinets that retail for two grand may be leased for less than $45 a month. Even remote, six-glass door, merchandising walk-ins are available for lease. And yes, leasers may expect to pay monthly fees that don’t even reach the $175 mark for those used walk-ins.

What else may be leased through Lauro Restaurant Equipment for less than $200 per month? Take a peek at our inventory of used, commercial goods that are currently leasing for under two hundred smackers each. It consists of, but isn’t confined to:

  • Twist Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines (Portable)
  • Self-Cleaning Rotisserie Ovens (Portable)
  • One-Inch Bread Slicers (Countertop Models)
  • Four-Basket Deep Fryers (Filtration Included)
  • Tri-Split Bakery Cases (Refrigerated)
  • 12-Quart Non-PTO Hub Mixers (Countertop Models)

Naturally, not every piece of used restaurant equipment in Fort Lauderdale is leasing for so little. Large items, like stone health ovens, may be borrowed for less than $400 per month. Restaurants that like to test run menu changes or temporarily offer seasonal specialties to banquet patrons really love leasing the larger items for those exact purposes. Additionally, new item purchases may be factored into leasing customers’ orders as well. To learn more about buying or leasing used restaurant equipment, please contact Lauro Restaurant Equipment now.

Take Advantage of Auctions in Miami to Start a Local Business

Posted September 10th, 2015 in News & Events

Starting a new business is a time-consuming, costly, and difficult undertaking, but it is possible to accomplish for those who have a well-thought-out plan and are incredibly determined. Instead of paying full price to get the equipment you need, which could set you back substantially, you should consider looking at auctions in Miami, which can help you start a local business.

Avoid Shipping and Handling Costs

Since most equipment needs to be shipped from its current location and brought to Miami, you can benefit from Miami-based auctions by avoiding the shipping and handling costs altogether. For large pieces of equipment, it is not inexpensive to ship, so you can save quite a bit of money immediately.

Look at the Inventory in Person

With local auctions, you do not have to worry about relying on high-quality photos to get the best idea about the equipment that you might end up purchasing. It is ideal when you do not have to take a chance on equipment and hope that everything arrives in proper working condition.

Pick Up Equipment Right Away

When you win a long-distance auction, you have to wait for the equipment to get shipped and arrive at your requested address. However, with local auctions, you can just use your own truck, rent a truck, or pay a professional to come pick up the equipment and drop it all off right away.

If you want to minimize your startup expenses, you should start looking at auctions in Miami because you never know when you might find exactly what you need for your business.

Contact us if you want more information or have any questions.

Find Commercial Meat Slicers at the Best Industry Auctions in Fort Lauderdale

Posted September 3rd, 2015 in News & Events

Food service auctions in Fort Lauderdale often include commercial meat slicers for sale. The slicers are frequently classified as premium or mid-tier. It merits noting that most moderate to large size establishments tend to stick with the premium models and large carriage sizes. However, it is possible to find used, entry-level versions with modest-size trays at our auctions as well. They may just need more refurbishing than the others.

While examining meat slicers at auctions in Fort Lauderdale, make sure the safety features are still intact before making a bid. Key ones to test are the no-volt release, meat grip, knife guard, blade guard and gauge plate interlock. If the meat slicer’s safety features fail the test, it is vital to locate replacement parts before putting it into service.

Also, give the slicer’s blade, knife, product table, cleaning leg and built-in sharpener the once over too. Even though they’re not considered safety features, if faulty, they may contribute to employee laceration or amputation risk as well. That said, fully checking all of the meat slicer’s features before walking out of the auction site in Fort Lauderdale is best.

Auction prices for commercial meat slicers will reflect wear, tear and other factors predetermined by both the seller and management. And bidders should be advised, all brands of commercial slicers undergo such scrutiny before being added to the auction calendar. So whether it’s a Presto, Hobart, Berkel or Vollrath, starting bid amounts at auctions in Fort Lauderdale will be fair. Also keep mind that meat slicer purchases, even when made at auction, are taxable.

To determine if commercial meat slicers are part of an upcoming sale, please contact us today. We can provide sales details to interested bidders or suggest alternative ways to purchase used meat slicers from our other business locations.

Avoid Making Sacrifices with Used Restaurant Equipment in Miami

Posted August 28th, 2015 in News & Events

When you intend on starting a business and need to get restaurant equipment beforehand, you essentially have two options to choose from, buying brand-new equipment or getting it used. It is understandable why some businesses invest in new equipment, such as when they are purchasing more of the same equipment and do not have the ability to wait until they find the exact used models.

In the beginning, you should look at used restaurant equipment in Miami to avoid making sacrifices.

Get as Much Equipment as You Need

If you want to get a certain amount of equipment, you should not be held back by buying it new. While you might be able to start your business with the new equipment, it could cause extensive limitations.

Chance to Save Extra Money

For most businesses, starting out can cost a substantial amount of money. Whether this comes from savings or a loan, you should not feel the need to buy new equipment when used is appropriate.

Buying used equipment allows you to minimize your business startup costs.

Start Your Business in Full Force

When you want to guarantee a successful launch of your business, you may need to take advantage of the fact that used restaurant equipment is noticeably cheaper than new equipment. It will allow you to get enough equipment to satisfy all of the customers that you anticipate having once you open up.

A lack of equipment could lead to long wait times, and this is exactly what you want to avoid.

If you want to learn more about our equipment availability, contact us today.

Nightclub Equipment Auction and Store Make Breaking Into the Biz Easier

Posted August 24th, 2015 in News & Events

Nightclubs are not what they use to be five or 10 years ago and neither are the artists that perform in them. At one time, singers and musicians had to wait to be found by someone with deep pockets. Today, they have SoundCloud, YouTube and other means to make themselves known. And all of them they don’t require starving artists to sacrifice arms and toes in order to participate. But they do still need to rely on events like nightclub equipment auctions in South Florida.

Nightclub equipment auctions in Ft. Lauderdale help upstart clubs and musicians find the gear they need to produce quality shows. And let’s not mince words here. Quality performances still help close deals no matter what some music video app makers say. After all, there is a lot of foreign and domestic talent out there looking to take America’s center stage. So in order to make a strong showing, the performance has to have serious snap.

The environment has to be top-notch too. Thankfully, items other than sound equipment may be found at a discount as well.  At Lauro Auctioneers, we offer customers access to both auctions and an online shopping environment where deals are available on a number of items. The list of discounted, nightclub equipment includes but doesn’t end with:

  • Nightclub Booths and Bar Stools
  • Cocktail Table Bases and Tops
  • Indoor Bar and Restaurant Chairs
  • Outdoor Dance Floor Seating
  • Nightclub Signage and Speed Rails
  • Bar Back Cutting Boards and Cutlery
  • Cushioned Floor Mats and Bus Buckets
  • Blenders and Conveyor Belt Ovens

No matter whether it’s nightclub owners or musicians that need equipment, we’ll offer the same great deals and services to all. And yes, that includes leasing and consignment options should a person’s nightclub concept or musical career not work out. To learn more about the buying and selling advantages we can offer to anyone involved in the nightclub industry, please contact us.

Restaurant Equipment Supply Auctioneer Has Commercial Ice Machines for Sale

Posted August 13th, 2015 in News & Events

Commercial ice machines go cup and lid with the business of serving beverages. After all, who wants to drink a warm soda or a hot mojito? At our restaurant equipment supply locations, we have both used and new, commercial ice machines for sale.  Some of the machines are put up for auction and others are available online or through our showrooms.

Here is an ice bucket full of things to consider when purchasing one:

  • 24-Hour Production Volume and Holding Capacity (Bin, Dispenser)
  • Cube Shape (Flake, Half-Cube, Nugget, Full-Cube, Specialized)
  • Condenser System (Water Cooled, Remote, Air Cooled)
  • Filtered or Unfiltered Water Intake/Supply Lines
  • Availability of Replacement Parts/Accessories or Add-ons
  • Transportation Methods/Storage
  • Life Expectancy Estimate and ROI
  • Condition, Repair Costs and Purchase Price

Because we are a South Florida auction house, commercial ice machine purchases are final. And after remitting payment in full, customers must immediately transport their newly purchased ice machines off site. So anyone interested in purchasing commercial ice machines from our restaurant equipment supply locations should plan on coming prepared.

Once the commercial machine is off site, we’d recommend having it deep cleaned, disinfected and inspected before making ice for customer and staff usage. It will help ensure that all microscopic materials have been removed from the machine’s interior and water lines. It also pays to have a water analysis done to determine if a conditioning system may be needed in order to keep the ice clean, tasteless and odor free.

Depending on the commercial ice machine’s age, it may be possible to contact the original manufacturer and request a manual. Although the machine’s operation is rather self-explanatory, it is useful to have copies of manufacturing related diagrams and maintenance instructions. To learn more about the commercial ice machines that we have in our restaurant equipment supply areas at this time, please contact us.

Auctions in South Florida: More Than Just Used Restaurant Equipment

Posted August 6th, 2015 in News & Events

Auctions in South Florida are featuring more than just used restaurant and bar equipment these days.  On occasion, buyers will also find indoor playground equipment for children.  For instance, in June 2015 we acquired items from several children’s play centers. The equipment was manufactured by Cheer Amusement®, an Asian company known for its indoor play environments.

In this case, we obtained two, complete, three-level playgrounds. One of them was a modest 2,000 square feet in size and the other was an incredible 6,000 square feet. They boasted soft play areas, foam balls, a slide and other amusements that were in excellent shape. As such, the playgrounds were suitable for use in a variety of settings. Among them were family restaurants, daycare facilities, preschools, churches and children’s entertainment centers.

Also, although already complete, the centers were designed to be expanded. So the people who visited our auction in South Florida were able to take the existing playground equipment that we had for sale and consider adding to it in the near or distance future. The list of add-ons that are meant to go with the playground equipment include, but are not limited to ball pits, building blocks, activity panels, play houses and soft sculptures of fanciful figures.

In addition to the playground equipment, our auctions in South Florida often feature a number of other items people might not expect. For instance, sometimes we auction off the following:

  • Large Wine Collections
  • Mobile Trailers
  • Surveillance Equipment
  • 4COP Dual Licenses
  • Sports Cars
  • Computer Systems and Parts
  • Boats
  • Commercial Buildings

Our professionally licensed, South Florida auctioneers are literally ready to sell, buy or put just about any type of merchandise on consignment. To learn more about our auction services in South Florida and what playground equipment or other items we may still have in stock, please contact us today.

Commercial Restaurant Equipment Auctions: Best Sushi Case Buying Guide

Posted July 30th, 2015 in News & Events

Sushi continues to captivate America’s health conscious diners and in order to serve it properly; one must invest in sushi cases. There are generally a variety of sushi cases to choose from at commercial restaurant equipment auctions. However, auctions in South Florida tend to move at a fast clip. So it’s best to know what type of sushi case one wants before heading off to commercial restaurant equipment auctions. That said, here’s a short, sushi case buying guide that may help:

Self-Contained or Remote

In general, the sushi cases buyers will find at commercial restaurant equipment auctions are categorized as either self-contained or remote. Self-contained units have built-in compressors that help keep the fish cool. Remote units do not feature built-in compressors. Therefore, external condensing units must be purchased separately and installed near the non-refrigerated cases.

Each type of sushi case obviously has its own pros and cons. Many people love the remote units because they tend to be quiet, bigger, more versatile and easier to maintain than the built-in units. Other sushi chefs love the built-ins because they are a breeze to relocate and don’t require extra purchases or the installation services of an electrical contractor.

Compressor Orientation

Built-in models usually have right-sided or left-sided compressors. It is best to choose the compressor orientation that best fits an establishment’s layout. For example, compressors traditionally need adequate ventilation, frequent air filter changes and electricity to run. So, the compressor should ideally be on the side of the case closest to the nearest, available outlet and provide room for routine servicing.

Length, Width and Height

Similar may be said for the sushi case’s dimensions. They vary greatly, which can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on the situation. As such, it’s wise to select models that will fit easily into a restaurant’s allotted, display space. Otherwise, it may be necessary to call in a building contractor to alter the display area to accommodate the display area’s dimensions.

Display Case Temperatures

Finally, it is vital to choose sushi display cases that meet regulatory guidelines when it comes to refrigeration temperatures. In most areas, that means the case should be able to keep the fresh sushi at 31 degrees Fahrenheit or less. To learn more about choosing the best sushi cases at commercial restaurant equipment auctions, please contact our Lauro Auction professionals today.