Are You Hoping to Lease Used Restaurant Equipment in Fort Lauderdale?

At one time, people waited to buy used restaurant equipment in Fort Lauderdale until auction time. Now, there are other options thanks to Lauro Restaurant Equipment online. They can lease as well as purchase all of the commercial items needed to run a kitchen from the comfort of their offices, homes and mobile devices. Plus, they can easily arrange for delivery, certified hook-up and service of any gas or electric appliance purchased through us.

Leasing used restaurant equipment in Fort Lauderdale is exceptionally favored among pop-up specialists and seasonal caterers for three reasons. They’re the brand names on offer, convenience and monthly prices. For example, mobile pan proofing cabinets that retail for two grand may be leased for less than $45 a month. Even remote, six-glass door, merchandising walk-ins are available for lease. And yes, leasers may expect to pay monthly fees that don’t even reach the $175 mark for those used walk-ins.

What else may be leased through Lauro Restaurant Equipment for less than $200 per month? Take a peek at our inventory of used, commercial goods that are currently leasing for under two hundred smackers each. It consists of, but isn’t confined to:

  • Twist Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines (Portable)
  • Self-Cleaning Rotisserie Ovens (Portable)
  • One-Inch Bread Slicers (Countertop Models)
  • Four-Basket Deep Fryers (Filtration Included)
  • Tri-Split Bakery Cases (Refrigerated)
  • 12-Quart Non-PTO Hub Mixers (Countertop Models)

Naturally, not every piece of used restaurant equipment in Fort Lauderdale is leasing for so little. Large items, like stone health ovens, may be borrowed for less than $400 per month. Restaurants that like to test run menu changes or temporarily offer seasonal specialties to banquet patrons really love leasing the larger items for those exact purposes. Additionally, new item purchases may be factored into leasing customers’ orders as well. To learn more about buying or leasing used restaurant equipment, please contact Lauro Restaurant Equipment now.