Auctions in South Florida: More Than Just Used Restaurant Equipment

Auctions in South Florida are featuring more than just used restaurant and bar equipment these days.  On occasion, buyers will also find indoor playground equipment for children.  For instance, in June 2015 we acquired items from several children’s play centers. The equipment was manufactured by Cheer Amusement®, an Asian company known for its indoor play environments.

In this case, we obtained two, complete, three-level playgrounds. One of them was a modest 2,000 square feet in size and the other was an incredible 6,000 square feet. They boasted soft play areas, foam balls, a slide and other amusements that were in excellent shape. As such, the playgrounds were suitable for use in a variety of settings. Among them were family restaurants, daycare facilities, preschools, churches and children’s entertainment centers.

Also, although already complete, the centers were designed to be expanded. So the people who visited our auction in South Florida were able to take the existing playground equipment that we had for sale and consider adding to it in the near or distance future. The list of add-ons that are meant to go with the playground equipment include, but are not limited to ball pits, building blocks, activity panels, play houses and soft sculptures of fanciful figures.

In addition to the playground equipment, our auctions in South Florida often feature a number of other items people might not expect. For instance, sometimes we auction off the following:

  • Large Wine Collections
  • Mobile Trailers
  • Surveillance Equipment
  • 4COP Dual Licenses
  • Sports Cars
  • Computer Systems and Parts
  • Boats
  • Commercial Buildings

Our professionally licensed, South Florida auctioneers are literally ready to sell, buy or put just about any type of merchandise on consignment. To learn more about our auction services in South Florida and what playground equipment or other items we may still have in stock, please contact us today.