Commercial Kitchen Equipment: Buy Stock Pot Ranges at Auction and Save

There are many advantages to having stock pot ranges round out a restaurant’s assortment of commercial kitchen equipment. To begin with, they free up burner space while still allowing the production of sauces, soups and hot water. Chefs may also use them to create hot beverages for the bar (e.g. mulled ciders, toddies, buttered rums and grog). So as you can see, stock pot ranges do come in handy throughout the year.

Prices for new and used stock pot ranges vary considerably but the best deals are traditionally found at commercial kitchen equipment auctions. The auctions are held in easy-to-reach, major destinations like Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. The auction lists frequently feature top brands as well as economy options. One that we’d recommend keying into is American Range.

American Range manufacturers stock pot ranges at all ends of the spectrum, including economy style. In June 2015, our commercial kitchen equipment list included economy models from their cast-iron, three-ring burner collection. Most of the stock pot ranges in the company’s collection feature dual control valves, standing pilots, removable crumb trays, adjustable feet, strong legs and a choice of options.

We had the SPSH-18 models, which use natural gas or propane. They stand 18-inches high and are 18-inches wide. Depths, on the other hand, range from 21 to 18-inches. Oh, and there are variations in the stock pot range collection’s total BTU capabilities too. Some run on 26 kilowatts and generate 90K BTU. Others run on 52 kilowatt-hours and produce 180K BTU. As such, they are hot enough to heat up heavy stock pots as well as light ones.

To find out more about the stock pot ranges we still have available for sale, pleasecontact us. Stock pot ranges are often a part of our commercial kitchen equipment auctions and we’d be happy to help chefs find the right ones at the best prices.