Do You Need Cheap Bar Equipment to Complete Your Outdoor Space?

Summer is famous for drawing people to outside bars. It doesn’t matter if those open bars are in someone’s backyard or a commercial location. Chances are they’ll be crowded every evening from now until shortly after Labor Day. Of course all of those locations have something besides enthusiastic crowds in common. For one thing, they’ve all got to have bar equipment.

Bar equipment costs can add up quickly for outdoor locations. For instance, it will be important to have enough ambient and task lighting available for patrons and bartenders alike. And then there are the glasses, blenders, spoons, ice makers, coolers, ice buckets and other items that must be purchased as well.

Smart home and business owners don’t typically pay full retail for their bar equipment though. They know how and where to strike deals on everything from long-handled spoons to deluxe juicers. Sometimes they’ll seek out special discounts from wholesalers or buy liquidated items straight from the manufacturer. Other times they’ll check out South Florida’s auction calendars and start circling events of interest.

There are a number of bar equipment auctions held in South Florida each year and some of them feature high-end items. Of course not every item in a home or commercial bar has to be high-end. So, many bar equipment seekers will attend any auction where desired items are likely to go up on to the auction block.

We’d suggest circling public auctions that advertise nightclub sound and lighting equipment. They’re great places to find Peavey amplifiers, Pioneer Mixers, DBX loudspeaker management systems and more. Commercial restaurant auctions, on the other hand, are excellent choices for people in need of smallwares for their bars. To learn more about choosing South Florida auctions that are likely to feature assortments of gently used bar equipment, please contact Lauro Auctioneers now.