Find Commercial Meat Slicers at the Best Industry Auctions in Fort Lauderdale

Food service auctions in Fort Lauderdale often include commercial meat slicers for sale. The slicers are frequently classified as premium or mid-tier. It merits noting that most moderate to large size establishments tend to stick with the premium models and large carriage sizes. However, it is possible to find used, entry-level versions with modest-size trays at our auctions as well. They may just need more refurbishing than the others.

While examining meat slicers at auctions in Fort Lauderdale, make sure the safety features are still intact before making a bid. Key ones to test are the no-volt release, meat grip, knife guard, blade guard and gauge plate interlock. If the meat slicer’s safety features fail the test, it is vital to locate replacement parts before putting it into service.

Also, give the slicer’s blade, knife, product table, cleaning leg and built-in sharpener the once over too. Even though they’re not considered safety features, if faulty, they may contribute to employee laceration or amputation risk as well. That said, fully checking all of the meat slicer’s features before walking out of the auction site in Fort Lauderdale is best.

Auction prices for commercial meat slicers will reflect wear, tear and other factors predetermined by both the seller and management. And bidders should be advised, all brands of commercial slicers undergo such scrutiny before being added to the auction calendar. So whether it’s a Presto, Hobart, Berkel or Vollrath, starting bid amounts at auctions in Fort Lauderdale will be fair. Also keep mind that meat slicer purchases, even when made at auction, are taxable.

To determine if commercial meat slicers are part of an upcoming sale, please contact us today. We can provide sales details to interested bidders or suggest alternative ways to purchase used meat slicers from our other business locations.