Restaurant Equipment Supply Auctioneer Has Commercial Ice Machines for Sale

Commercial ice machines go cup and lid with the business of serving beverages. After all, who wants to drink a warm soda or a hot mojito? At our restaurant equipment supply locations, we have both used and new, commercial ice machines for sale.  Some of the machines are put up for auction and others are available online or through our showrooms.

Here is an ice bucket full of things to consider when purchasing one:

  • 24-Hour Production Volume and Holding Capacity (Bin, Dispenser)
  • Cube Shape (Flake, Half-Cube, Nugget, Full-Cube, Specialized)
  • Condenser System (Water Cooled, Remote, Air Cooled)
  • Filtered or Unfiltered Water Intake/Supply Lines
  • Availability of Replacement Parts/Accessories or Add-ons
  • Transportation Methods/Storage
  • Life Expectancy Estimate and ROI
  • Condition, Repair Costs and Purchase Price

Because we are a South Florida auction house, commercial ice machine purchases are final. And after remitting payment in full, customers must immediately transport their newly purchased ice machines off site. So anyone interested in purchasing commercial ice machines from our restaurant equipment supply locations should plan on coming prepared.

Once the commercial machine is off site, we’d recommend having it deep cleaned, disinfected and inspected before making ice for customer and staff usage. It will help ensure that all microscopic materials have been removed from the machine’s interior and water lines. It also pays to have a water analysis done to determine if a conditioning system may be needed in order to keep the ice clean, tasteless and odor free.

Depending on the commercial ice machine’s age, it may be possible to contact the original manufacturer and request a manual. Although the machine’s operation is rather self-explanatory, it is useful to have copies of manufacturing related diagrams and maintenance instructions. To learn more about the commercial ice machines that we have in our restaurant equipment supply areas at this time, please contact us.