Scratch and Dent Food Service Equipment Offer Buyers Ways to Save

Buying used restaurant equipment is not the only option for businesses looking to lower capital expenses. It is also possible to purchase scratch and dent food service equipment at South Florida auctions. Scratch and dent food service equipment is brand new. The only flaws are superficial and oftentimes are barely visible. Plus, they may be corrected by buyers after the sale. To help shoppers get started, here are a few scratch and dent related tips:

Do ask if the food service equipment is still under a manufacturer’s warranty. If a warranty does exist, ask for a copy to see if it is transferable. If it is transferable, it may be possible to have cosmetic repairs and much more completed by the manufacturer or its designated agents for less than initially expected.

Don’t overlook the availability of replacement parts. Ask the seller up front or do a little research ahead of the auction to determine if the food service equipment has been discontinued. If it has, there may be ways to purchase aftermarket replacement parts and touch-up materials. Of course there is the option of simply living with the scratch or dent too.

Do remember that most pieces of food service equipment end up scratched or dented over the course of their lifetimes. So, having a small ding here and there will likely not make the food service equipment bought at auction stand out from existing, commercial kitchen appliances. Plus, superficial damage traditionally does not negatively impact the way that restaurant equipment functions on an everyday basis.

To learn more about buying scratch and dent food service equipment, please contact us at Lauro Auctioneers. We are able to sell both new and used equipment to intra and interstate buyers. In addition, not all of our new commercial products are scratch and dent. So, it is possible to obtain defect free, brand new equipment for reasonable prices too.