Struggling to Find Commercial Kitchen Equipment in Time for the Holidays?

Are you having an incredibly difficult time finding working, commercial kitchen equipment that’s in your price range and big enough to handle the anticipated, holiday rush? Have you tried attending live, on-site auctions yet? If not, this month and the next may be the most propitious points in time to start attending them in South Florida.

Commercial kitchen equipment of all kinds goes up for sale each month throughout Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach and other locales. However, the end of year is traditionally a good time for motivated people because a lot of Florida establishments choose to upgrade their equipment and use auctions to get rid of their cast-offs.

Also, cast-off items are often sent to 25k square foot showrooms and posted on e-commerce stores as well. Thus, commercial kitchen equipment is available for those that may feel they don’t have the time to issue a bid before a particular event. Remember though, there are a multitude of time-saving, convenient bid options open to local, long distance, domestic and international buyers.

Therefore, it is rare that people actually find themselves pressed for time in that department. Generous delivery, shipping and pickup alternatives are available to commercial kitchen equipment buyers too. And those alternatives may or may not include ancillary services, like installation and set-up. Buyers preparing for the holidays, in particular, frequently love taking advantage of the latter two.

To learn more about commercial kitchen equipment going up for auction or already in our online showroom, please contact us. Our multilingual staff is available to assist potential buyers with all critical facets of acquisition, including financing and proxy bidding. They may also be of help with the post-sale tasks mentioned earlier, depending on the commercial kitchen equipment’s condition as well as the buyer’s location.